An unfolding portrait -Ghosts- 2018

Images and texts that draw on real-life women that are now dead inspired this piece that its constituted by 5 series of fragmented paintings that challenge the viewer to fill the missing pieces.The subject matter comes from my personal life; it emerges from emotions I struggle with. Trafficking in your own trauma is perhaps the hallmark of being a woman in the digital world; the subject of pain is the field I am in.

I’m especially interested where subtle relations exist. Vulnerability and aggression, beauty and violence, embarrassment, intensity, care and tenderness are part of how I work and relate to archive photographs.
Then there is the desire to transform photos of dead woman into a series of paintings that require continuous capture, the decanting of deposits, scatterings, fluidities and outflows. Working through the relation between art-making, experience and painting keeps me asking questions about social codes of vulnerability.

To do with others what I do with my personal life. This project is a response to researching the slippage that occurs between primary and secondary material (archive photos- painting).