Circo Familiar, 2016

Family Circus- Estrangement of the self-
Circo Familiar -Extrañamientos de lo propio-
La Place, Barcelona 2016

Family Circus is a spontaneous and immediate approach to the exhibition space; the gallery is given permission to nurture the trial and error inherent in the creative process. For two months, in the early hours between 4 and 8 from Monday to Saturday, I lived in the gallery space, which became an experimental laboratory.  

The gallery is simultaneously an inventory and a stage set delimiting the parameters of the family archive. Recollections illuminated by photos, paintings and everyday objects demonstrate the link between memory and emotions. Family Circus recounts an individual and intimate world where the autobiographical is ever present. 

I am interested in the archive not only for its relationship with memory but also for how it relates to the collections. Both these elements are associated with repetition and are building blocks in the construction of memories. The notion of storage is a reference to the memory (artifacts stored as recollections). An example is the metaphorical use of the filled plant pots belonging to my grandmother and their material state as a work of art within the space.