Ciudadanías y territorios, 2021

Communities and territories, 2021
Project funded by the City Council of Hospitalet de Llobregat (ES)
Direction and co-curator: Andrea Lería
Curator: Luz Muñoz

Assaig 7 in collaboration with Espai 10: Laboratory of contemporary art, invite Colectivo Stalker (IT) to participate in the program Ciudadanías & Territorios: dialogues between practices, communities, and archive from Hospitalet, coordinated by the curator of Espai 10, Luz Muñoz and by Andrea Lería, artist and Director of the cultural association Assaig 7. A laboratory program that seeks to give depth and continuity to the questions that arose in the Industries and workshops research (2019):

How do we avoid the disappearance of local memories with gentrification; How do we activate a community to weave new spaces of participation and common construction; Is culture a stimulus to stir participation, coexistence, and expression of the identity of a community? 

Through dialogues, conferences, an exhibition and artistic actions in public space, this program seeks to be a multidisciplinary, transversal and collective exercise; an open invitation to reflect and think together about the place where we live and the socio-cultural practices that coexist in our neighbourhoods.