ASSAIG 7 is a not-for-profit organization created in 2019.Our headquarters are in an industrial building in Hospitalet (Barcelona). One of our missions is to support creators during their different phases of their production. 

ASSAIG 7 aims to promote socially engaged art that involves the people and communities in debate, collaboration and social interaction. We are aware that it will take years to develop relationships with the community, to grasp all the complexities of a place in a short time it’s not possible. We run small projects to work in this direction.

ASSAIG 7 is also a centre for research and production, offering support and spaces to artists and creatives.

ASSAIG 7  houses ESPAI 10, art laboratory curated by Luz Muñoz. ESPAI 10 runs its own activities programe, which includes, among others, art laboratories, exhibitions, presentations, workshops, and other learning activities for artists.


Isabel Croxatto

Nicolás Narvaez

La Pastora 138 B, Las Condes
Santiago 7550141 | Chile

+56 2 2893 9353 | +56 9 9434 0011





Assaig7 7

C/Gloria, 7, 1/3 – Hospitalet de Llobregat

Barcelona – 08902