El Jardín Infinito, 2017

The Infinite Garden

Three years ago, I returned to Barcelona and began having regular interviews with my maternal grandmother, to look for clues about my early childhood years. Confused and forgetful by that stage, she had reverted to a childlike state; I was recovering fragments of my story at the same time as she was losing hers.  

This installation is the record of this two-way process or dialog. The film shot in the living room of her house is a manifestation of the everyday (present) and captures what is unfinished and fragile. The drawing evokes her image as a child and her photographs of gardens are the future perfect, representing a future action which has already taken place. 

This extraordinary woman helped me explore how our past defines us, even when we are unable to remember what happened yesterday. In this way, the past coexists with the present, forged by everyday experiences. We see a new reality: The Infinite Garden.