Jardín Ceniza, 2016

Ash Garden (Jardín Ceniza)
Spai M, La Escocesa, Barcelona 2016

In Ash Garden, a strip of grayish green hanging across the wall acts as a ‘large canvass’ or a fictitious timeline where experiences are expressed as objects: writing, video, painting, drawing and photographs. Nothing is linear. By looking back, we are confronted with the ups and downs of internal upheaval: there are gaps, things that are lost and at the same time things that stand out as vivid and clear. The inherent contradiction and lack of order we associate with memories is used to articulate the essence of the exhibition.

There is also the idea of a ‘life story book’, this project involves inhabiting the space; the artworks carry a set of images and concepts and a family psychology that step in and fill the spaces. These changing places expose the creative process; the creation leaves spaces and cracks where the viewer can project their own experience. The inventory of home and family are laid bare; intimate experiences become pliable instruments which compromise the dividing line between private and public.