La Memoria del Agua, 2022

Subsol gallery, L’Hospitalet- Spain 2022
The memory of the water
Photos: Michele Morea

This exhibition seeks to open narratives about the memory of the territory of Hospitalet de Llobregat (ES), the displacements of natural space and the relationship of man with the landscapes that shape them. Initiating dialogues, processes and experiences in specific contexts, making clear the commitment, to link us with a landscape that remains buried under the pavement of the Free Zone and the port of Barcelona; as well as touring  and making visible the access to the Llobregat river that has survived despite having been displaced and de-territorialized.

A collective process of ‘memory activation’, to create a documentation fund that will allow us to write a history with multiple voices, woven with the micro-histories of the communities. This commitment implies generating a social reflection around the recovery of erased stories that propose other memories, giving value to those landscapes that have disappeared.