Narrativas Tácitas, 2021

Fundación Arranz-Bravo, Barcelona 2021

Tacit Narratives
Curator: Albert Mercade
Photos: Roberto Ruiz

Extract: “The work of Andrea Leria (Barcelona, 1980) evokes this reminiscent, deconstructive journey of the memory. Born in Barcelona and now living in L’Hospitalet (in the Freixas building), Leria’s whole life has been marked by her move, at a very young age, to Santiago de Chile. The atmospheric impressions of childhood and several later visits to the Catalan capital played a key role in the construction of her identity. She returned to Barcelona to live once more in 2014, accompanying her grandmother, Montserrat Borès, until her death. This period of close contact with her grandmother were key to Andrea’s creation of her artistic universe. This is due, not only to what she was able to learn about her past, but also to the discovery of a huge family archive. This collection of family letters, postcards, photographs and slides became the driver and main theme of her work.”