Notas a pie de calle, 2023

The production of Footnotes: voices of La Florida is part of the European project ‘Second Residence’, written and directed by L’âge de la tortue, funded by the European Commission (Erasmus+).

In February 2023, we walked together through the neighborhood of La Florida, we approached its neighbors, we asked, listened and carefully collected their experiences and impressions about the place where they live, giving shape to an “archive of written voices”. These collected testimonies are a record of our walks and encounters in bars, bakeries, the market, a coffee with the mayoress, an encounter with a couple watching their son train soccer or a group of girls playing in the street, to each of them we asked the same question: 

What does public space in La Florida mean to you?

As in a game with the institutional language, the answers of the protagonists are fixed on metal plaques fixed on metal plaques that, are accompanied by a series of miniature portraits that put a face to the words.The plaques and portraits will remain installednten points on the perimeter of the neighborhood, as a way of highlighting, to the community, those testimonies that usually remain invisible.

On June 10, 2023, we invited the community to make a journey on foot through the margins of the neighborhood of La Florida, unveiling the ten interventions I made. A collective art action, walking together, dialoguing in the present, to share and elaborate a common imaginary.