Sign of forgiveness, 2019

I return to the spaces of childhood, working as a detective to construct and recover my own image. Everything I do is inspired by my early life, I am obsessed with my childhood –I guess we all are- The archives used for this series of paintings share impulse and content. Signs of forgiveness can be described as a color notebook authored by the most sensitive child, a collection of unordered snapshots through which childhood becomes a world. This series of paintings represents that stage of childhood when real and imaginary planes seamlessly overlap. They assert nothing; they simply act as receptacles for nostalgia.

I look into family history from an autobiographical perspective. This piece is an infinite construction of history and memory. Our story is always a tale that is retold, a flow of borrowings, images narrated by others, hopes and experiences. Personal experiences and poetry inspired by trivial everyday events are transformed into pliable instruments and focal points to convey the sense of belonging to a place.