Somos paisaje, 2022-2023

We are landscape, 2022-2023
Project funded by the City Council of Hospitalet de Llobregat (ES) and Generalitat of Cataluña, OSIC research grant (ES)
Artistic mediation program | Institut Bellvitge and Pare Enric d’Ossó School.
Curator: Andrea Lería – artist and director of Assaig 7-

During 8 months with the the Institute Bellvitge and Pare Enric d’Ossó school, we have adopted an attitude of listening of the territory of Hospitalet de Llobregat. From a series of multidisciplinary workshops carried out with the support of different entities of the city, we have walked, observed, created, and listened to the landscape of the city and the transformations it has undergone.

We have inhabited its forms, its past, its memories, its erased histories and the small corners of landscape that resist in the city. From the above we ask ourselves:

What would nature say if it could express itself, if it could shout, if it could speak to all of us?

This exhibition contains the results and processes of an experience of a group of young people who worked collectively from their experiences and imaginaries.

During the month of March 2023, the exhibition Som paisatge, opened to a laboratory of artistic experimentation inviting the schools Pere Lliscart and Pau Casals, their works were organically added to the exhibition.